9 Types Of Boyfriends You Probably Had in University

So your young, wild, and free and there are plenty of fish in the sea.

That’s probably the attitude you had, when first entering university, Excited to meet new people and have new experiences, especially potential romantic episodes with a few potential boyfriends. Along the way, you kissed a bunch of frogs and learnt a few love lessons, and while some relationships and flings were fantastic, others probably left you wondering what you were thinking at the time.

Here are 9 types of boyfriends you probably had in university:

1. Your first love.

If you hadn’t already met this guy in high school, you probably met him in university. You click, and you feel like you’ll be together forever. He’s the first guy you threw all your crazy in love text messages on. He was probably your first.  But maybe somewhere along the way, one of you probably wanted to meet new people or have new experiences, and it stopped working out.


2. The party boy.

This guy is always out looking for a good time. With him there’s always a plot and never a dull moment. The sex was probably, always drunk sex. Eventually you got tired of partying every weekend.

3. The play boy.

At first you thought there was no possible way you could ever fall for him, but he gets you, and he makes you laugh, and all of a sudden you’ve fallen. Problem is your not the only girl, and getting over him can be pretty painful.

4. The Entrepreneur.

He’s ambitious and has money on his mind. The only reason he’s in university is because of his parents. He always has a startup idea he wants to launch. You think he might be mature enough, and great inspiration to do more with your life. However, once you realize that you are worth so much more than being just his side project, you’ll kick him to the curb.

5. The Really Good Guy Friend

He’s kinda just waiting on his turn and for you to see him as your next guy, he knows everything about you, and you love him around. However even when you give him a chance, you know you don’t love him as much as he loves you.  He gets jealous of other guys you are with, but he’s always there when you need him. A real sweetheart, plus the sex isn’t bad.


6. The church boy.

Your going to church every Sunday, and you’ll usually hang out with his prayer or gospel group. He’s still young, and Jesus drank wine, so yeah he goes out and drinks, but he doesn’t smoke. You two are always praying to God to pass exams, and he’s not forcing you into having sex. However,when you see him vibe some other girl, you begin to question his morals.


7. The Stoner

This guy started weed in first year, and has never gone back. You probably dated him for drugs, and bad decisions. However you grew out of it.


8. Student counsel member.

He’s a leader, and in the student counsel. He is Mr. Popular and is always dealing in school politics. It feels great dating such a winner, and you enjoy school benefits because of him. However, you lost interest once he was no longer in the student counsel. 

9. The rich boy.

He has rich parents with a big house. More importantly he has a nice car, you’ve never paid for any date, or drinks. He even travels with you and you’re star struck. Issue is he’s balling in university, so he has a bit of a woman problem.


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