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This article explains how to design and publish print-on-demand products (e.g. t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc.). If you want to sell your own product (e.g. vinyl, or your own stock product), see the article “Sell your own product”.

If you have difficulty in publishing the design by our tool, you can also submit your design through the “Design Submission Form” and we will create the products for you. But it may take about 1-2 weeks to publish your product

  • Go to Menu > Seller > My Products
  • Click Add new product
  • Enter product name (e.g. Hip Hop T-Shirt)
  • Select a category: choose a product you want to sell (e.g. Men’s T-Shirts).

You are now on the Edit Product page. You can see the Title you have entered and Category you have selected.

  • Product Type: choose Simple
  • Product Cover Image: If you leave it blank, we will create the cover image for you later. (You can also upload your own cover image)
  • Tags: Add some keywords about your product.
  • Enter your product’s selling price in Price
  • After entering the amount, you can see your earnings.
  • You can set the Discounted Price (Optional)
  • After entering the discount amount, you can see the earnings for this discounted price.
  • You can also set a schedule for this discounted price. If not within this period, the product will be sold at the original price.
  • Select Disabled Product Color(s): CHECK the colors you DON’T want to publish.
e.g. If you unchecked white, heather grey and black
You will see this product is only available in white, heather grey and black
e.g. If you uncheck all
You will see the product is available in all colors
  • Short Description and Description will be displayed on the following position
Desktop version
Mobile version
Desktop version
Mobile version
  • Go to Design your product section
  • Click Change Product, select a product that is the same as the selected category (e.g. Men’s T-Shirt)
  • Click Upload
  • Select the design file from your device (Accepted file types: .png / .jpg / .gif / .psd / .pdf /.ai).
  • Click on the uploaded design image and it will appear on the t-shirt
  • Move and adjust the size of your design
  • If necessary, you can select Back, and then add another design file to the back side of the t-shirt. (Optional)
  • Click Product
  • Choose Product Color: Choose the product’s default color, this one will be the cover image of the product.
Product cover image
  • After that, click Save *IMPORTANT!
  • Name Your Design: Enter the same name with your Product Title (e.g. Hip Hop T-Shirt)
  • Description your design: Enter something about the design. (It won’t show to your customer)
  • Click Save button
  • Design save completed! But it’s not done yet…
  • Upsells: Will be displayed at the bottom of the product page. (Optional)
  • Cross-sells: When customer add this product to the cart, the cross-selling products will be displayed on the cart page. (Optional)
  • Go to the bottom of this page. Click SAVE PRODUCT
  • Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your product!
  • The product status is Pending Review right now. We will review your product as soon as possible. If there are no other problems, the product will be published in 1 to 3 working days

After the first submission, you can’t modify the design because we haven’t connected the design to the product yet. You need to wait for the product to be published before you can modify freely.

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