Interview with Chaos Invaded

How did your band form/come together?

Chaos Invaded was formed around 2020. At first, it was just the two guitarists, Don and Erik, working on song structures. Then, drummer Eric and bassist Wilson joined in. Finally, vocalist Ka Wai came aboard to inject lyrics into the mix. Chaos Invaded’s current lineup has five thrash metal tracks ready to drop on all major streaming platforms.

What is one big dream you guys have for your band?

The five members of Chaos Invaded come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, but they all share a love for old-school thrash metal. As time goes on and practice time dwindles, our biggest dream is to keep the flame of thrash metal alive in Hong Kong, where heavy music like this is rare. Thrash til death!

Who designed your band logo?

That would be guitarist Don.

How do you think the logo represents your band?

It’s just the emblem of Chaos Invaded. The logo embodies the classic artwork style of thrash metal, making it instantly recognizable as ours.

If Chaos Invaded could open a show for any artist/musician/band in the world, who would it be?

Any band or artist who’d be willing to have Chaos Invaded warm up the stage for them would be a friend in our book!

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