Interview with Heidi Li

Heidi, your biography is amazing.
You have accomplished a lot so far in your musical career. Could you tell us one big musical dream you want to accomplish in the future?

After spending 16 years abroad, I am finally back to my home town Hong Kong. I am still navigating my way around the HK music scene getting to know the local musicians. There are two big projects I have been working on these few months. The first one is relating to Jazz music education. Since September, I have started a live interactive online course called Step by Step Jazz Singing. Every month we learn a new jazz standard song and scat improvise. I am now ready to take a step further and to design a more formal jazz singing course for those who are interested to learn vocal jazz seriously. It should be ready in Jan or Feb 2021!

The second project related to composition and live performance. Although I am now a jazz singer, I actually grew up singing Cantonese Opera! It has always been a dream for me to unite the two musical cultures together. When I did my vocal jazz degree in Italy, I purposely did my final thesis on “Xiqu meets Jazz: The possibilities of incorporating musical structures and expressions of Cantonese Opera in Jazz”. I am now planning to produce a show with compositions based on this idea!

Who designed your Third Culture Kid artwork (which is also the name of your album)?

I designed all the artwork, from album cover to booklet and t-shirt! Third Culture Kid is my debut album and it was a very special experience also for the fact that I did almost everything: composition, arrangement, lyric writing, artwork design and even crowdfunding!

Name a singer in the world that you would love to sing a duet with? and why?

New Zealand-Australian Singer-musician Jordan Rakei! I just love his neosoul style and silky vocals! He came to HK for a show sometimes ago and he is such a humble and sweet person too!

We have to ask you, where have you eaten the best food? Hong Kong or Italy? 🙂

Oh this is a difficult answer!!! I cannot compare!!! Food in Southern Italy is definitely very memorable! But food in Hong Kong is seriously good too!!!

Photo credit: Samantha Lees

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