Interview with Sam, from Peel Fresco Music Lounge

I read that Peel Fresco Music Lounge opened in 2007. Who opened it and was there any particular motivation? Are they still involved?  

Joyce Peng opened it; she loved jazz music. I took over (Sam Weil) in 2012, and David Gardon joined me 2 years ago.

Could you tell us about, some of the most memorable moments that occurred during a live music performance at Peel Fresco?  

We used to have a combination of local artists, visiting musicians, and amateurs, playing in the same week, with the same warm atmosphere. The magical times is when our place can welcome such an array of performers, and when they convey their passion to the audience. The place is relatively small, so there are great vibes every night (before Covid 19 of course).

Your plectrum logo is really lovely, how did you come up with that concept and the colours involved? 

Thanks! Credit to my Ex Girlfriend, Delphine, who was a talented graphic designer.

We’ve been really impressed with how you guys are innovating with keeping your venue open. Would you like to tell us more about this Peel Fresco “Live Music” Project, that you’ve recently launched?

We really want to gather musicians and support them in those harsh times, joining them under our umbrella to help them promote their music (social networks, websites…), participate in interviews, find them places to perform (if ever it happens again)…

Lastly, what are some of the things you’ll start to do to prepare for reopening? How will shows look different?

At the moment I don’t know Chris. Things are so unpredictable… Obviously our staff will need to go through tests and hygiene processes, we will need to have more space to operate (or fewer customers inside), and fewer people on stage… The key might be in recording the performances and organize some live streaming.

Check out Peel Fresco’s store here or their Facebook page.

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