Interview with The Ferals

How did your band form/come together?

Formed through a series of online ads and friends-of-friends, guitarist Craig connected singer Chris B, drummer, and bassist, Judy together. Mark joined a few weeks later and they started to create a sound that’s as ferocious as their name suggests.

What is one big dream you guys have for your band?

Craig – Australian tour
Chris B – to perform at Fuji Rock
Judy – Write the best song in the world and have a world tour.
Mark – Just to play shows and have a good time

Who designed your band logo?


How do you think the logo represents your band?

The Ferals logo is a reflection of the band’s fierce and wild energy. It symbolises the untamed spirit of the band’s music, which is raw and unfiltered.

If The Ferals could open a show for any artist/musician/band in the world, who would it be?

Craig – AC/DC
Chris B – Billy Idol
Judy- Japanese Breakfast
Mark – Can I have a time machine? Skid Row in 1989

Photos by Aaron Michelson

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