Interview with What They Do

How did your band form/come together?

In 2018 fall, After Bay saw Josephine perform at the Wanch and he cold asked her to sing 2 original songs “Nothing’s gonna go my way” and “Buttdial is not a booty call” and entered the Vans music competition. Bay’s evil twin Nikky is the irreplaceable bassist and after a rotation of drummers, Adrien finally joined the band late 2020.

What is one big dream you guys have for your band?

The big dream we have for the band is to unite heavy music loving people and connect souls from all backgrounds by playing a fusion of lgbt anthems with metal.
We strive to become the next Maiden or Metallica and popularize the heavy metal genre for the next generation with emphasis on individualism and freedom of speech.

Who designed your band logo?

Bay Leung aka Mastabay

How do you think the logo represents your band?

The logo represents What they do as a bold, raw, original band with no boundaries.

If What They Do could open a show for any artist/musician/band in the world, who would it be?

Nikky: Metallica 
Bay: Jinjer 
JP: Anthrax
Adrien: Muse

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