Brother Plainview 2.0 Drawstring Bag – Great Escape Edition


Dedicated this shirt to the BP 2.0 era.

設計來自 Brother Plainview's Web Stall

Dedicated this shirt to the BP 2.0 era, taken the design off from the cancelled farewell gig The Great Escape with our guitarist Max on July 2020.

  • 100% 棉
  • 帆布物料
  • 尺寸:35 厘米 (闊) x 40 厘米 (長)
香港香港郵政(平郵)4 至 5 個工作天
順豐速運4 至 5 個工作天
中國大陸順豐速運4 至 5 個工作天
澳門順豐速運4 至 5 個工作天
國際DHL10 至 14 個工作天
Starting out in 2018 as friends-of-friends brought together by a love of indie alt-rock, the four members of Brother Plainview epitomize the charm of Hong Kong: local and international side by side. The band wasted no time recording and releasing their debut EP "Reunion Cycle" and debut MV. This year they have released their second EP "I'm Bored of Alarm, I Doubt Calm", their second MV as well as numerous singles that will be coming out during the fall of 2020. 平菲』兄弟都係朋友互相介紹相識。四位兄弟都聽開indie alternative rock,都熱愛本土及西方文化。時間就是金錢就係人都知, 四條友仔夾左一年就出左佢地第一隻EP “Reunion Cycle”, 最近亦其中一首主打以佢地對香港認知作主題拍了一段MV。將來日子佢地將會籌備出第二隻EP同出更多ge show, 請多多支持!


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