BULLETPROOF Graffiti Kids Tank Top


BULLETPROOF Graffiti Art Kids Tank Top


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設計來自 Bulletproof
BULLETPROOF Graffiti Art Kids Tank Top


  • 100% 棉 (麻灰色含聚酯纖維)
  • 200 克/平方米 / 每平方碼 5.9 安士布料
尺碼 胸寬 (CM) 衣長 (CM)
S 27 39
M 29 42
L 31 44
XL 33 48
XXL 35 50
XXXL 37 54
XXXXL 39 58

* 以上是衣服尺寸而非身材尺寸

目的地 運送方式 運送時間
香港 香港郵政(平郵) 4 至 5 個工作天
順豐速運 4 至 5 個工作天
中國大陸 順豐速運 4 至 5 個工作天
澳門 順豐速運 4 至 5 個工作天
國際 DHL 10 至 14 個工作天

Bulletproof is a three-piece Filipino ska-punk band formed in Hong Kong. The band consists of Lorenzo "Bai" Nuñez on vocals/guitars, Charles Cabellon on the bass and drummer Jon Benard Abellanosa. Lorenzo and Charles started Bulletproof in around late 2015. But prior to that, before these two youngsters migrated to Hong Kong due to personal reasons, they used to play in their own bands in Cebu, Philippines. Lorenzo aka "Bai" was the vocalist/guitarist of the well-known punk rock band The Ambassadors while Charles played drums for a pop punk band called Morning Star. Their drummer Jon, a full-time musician in Hong Kong, joined them in mid 2016 and that's when Bulletproof came to life.

They released their first album around 2017...All independent, D-I-Y style and released music videos for their singles, "Sixty Seconds To Insanity", Ups and Downs", "Something For The Weekend", and "Nostalgia".

But after a few years of promoting the album and playing live shows, Lorenzo, Charles and Jon started to have commitment issues, due to other priorities like full-time jobs, families, incompatible schedule, etc. So the band decided to hit pause and took a break in early 2019.

Fast forward to 2021, they recently re-released their debut album 'Nostalgia' on all streaming platforms with Skank and Groove Records.

After the 3 year hiatus. The band is coming together again, writing new songs for a sophomore album.


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