OzMium Tote Bag


OzMium Tote Bag

設計來自 OzMium

OzMium Tote Bag

  • 100% 棉
  • 帆布質地
  • 尺寸:35 厘米(闊) x 40 厘米(長)
  • 帶長:50 厘米
香港香港郵政(平郵)4 至 5 個工作天
順豐速運4 至 5 個工作天
中國大陸順豐速運4 至 5 個工作天
澳門順豐速運4 至 5 個工作天
國際DHL10 至 14 個工作天
OzMium is a heavy metal band from Hong Kong. Formed in 2018, OzMium aims to revive the 80s classic and thrash metal music revolution. We are loud, melodic, heavy, intense and dense! OzMium's debut demo EP entitled "The Lion Rises" will be released in April 2021. Consisting of 3 heavy, fast, groovy, melodic metal songs, OzMium's debut record takes heavy influence from 80's thrash and heavy metal music with a hint of modern flavor. Get ready to head bang till you drop!! Follow us on bandcamp for the record release: https://ozmiumhk.bandcamp.com/ Follow us on Facebook for updates and our tour details: https://m.facebook.com/OzMiumHK/    


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成為首個評價的客戶 “OzMium Tote Bag”