ReOrientate Tank Top (Kids)


設計來自 ReOrientate
  • 100% 棉 (麻灰色含聚酯纖維)
  • 200 克/平方米 / 每平方碼 5.9 安士布料
尺碼 胸寬 (CM) 衣長 (CM)
S 27 39
M 29 42
L 31 44
XL 33 48
XXL 35 50
XXXL 37 54
XXXXL 39 58

* 以上是衣服尺寸而非身材尺寸

目的地 運送方式 運送時間
香港 香港郵政(平郵) 4 至 5 個工作天
順豐速運 4 至 5 個工作天
中國大陸 順豐速運 4 至 5 個工作天
澳門 順豐速運 4 至 5 個工作天
國際 DHL 10 至 14 個工作天
Acoustic electronic world soul collective
 | Re:spect Music Magazine says "Like telepathy, the magic of music... a United Nations force of traditional instruments like the guzheng, bamboo flute, hand drums, erhu, plus electronic loop workstations... surprisingly unexpected percussion rhythms, a lot of dance of the imagination, thick with the latin flavor of flamenco guitar... makes you plant yourself in the festival party on the dance floor with the chorus cheering “dance!”... in the space of 6 mins 35 seconds ReOrientate takes the crowd along the treasure trip from Brazilian samba carnival to Indian Bollywood" | The Underground HK says "stands out musically compared to pretty much all the other bands which have played the Underground, for the group would not be out of place playing in the auditorium of the City Hall during the Hong Kong Arts Festival. The music/set could only be described as “world fusion”... played out on instruments ranging from ancient China to modern Cupertino, with a flamenco dancer to boot! The set started with a short seductive Spanish number, which left the audience, who probably was not expecting anything like it, completely gobsmacked — you could see the look of intense focus on their faces, and continued with a set which completely mesmerised the entire Hard Rock from start to finish... the mixture is a key to making ReOrientate such a delightful act, and clearly a lot of thought has gone into achieving that sound... add a vocalist with a phenomenal voice, accompanied by the dancing and clapping of a flamenco dancer, gave rise to a performance that led the audience by the nose from start to finish" | RTHK Radio 3 says "Brilliantly recorded"


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